Welcome to Spirit Song Flutes - Fine Handmade Bamboo Flutes


Spirit Song Flutes is an owner operated cottage industry and an effort to lead by example toward a more sustainable, integrated, and peaceful way of living. Spirit Song Flutes is dedicated to the venerated craft of bamboo flute making. Creating fine tuned, handcrafted musical instruments from many cultures of the ancient world; including Japan, Greece, and Ireland.

John believes his vocation to be a sacred one. His instruments are tools for regeneration, meditation, musical expression, and personal growth. John hopes that your experience with his offering to the world will enrich your life on all levels.

The name Spirit Song Flutes is an attempt to sum up the intent of its efforts. The breath is the essential link between the flute, the player, and the spirit. The same breath that animates the human body is that which gives the instrument its voice. The sound, or song, of the flute is the expression of this connection between breath, body, and spirit. Spirit is the life force which all living things share.

The flute is a tool to help in the integration of body, breath and spirit. The song is a prayer of reunification of these often fragmented pieces of a balanced whole and healthy life. The flute is a bio feed-back machine. When the sound is pure, rich, and full the player must be breathing deeply in much the same way one who practices meditation breathes. The flute leads the player to a place of correct posture and the correct breathing technique. Correct breathing promotes a more healthful, relaxed, and centered state of mind, body, and emotion.

Listen to your self breathe and you will hear all you need to know to bring your self to a place of greater peace and understanding. A place of integration and interdependence of all things in this experience we call life.

Thank you and enjoy!
John Wydysh